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Toronto-born and raised in Whistler, BC, Willa grew up thinking that hearing music in colour was normal. It was… until she discovered at the age of 11 that it was synesthesia; a cross sensory condition which allows those who have it to experience things with more than one sense. Willa’s voice is her identity; carrying memories, vulnerabilities, pain, sadness, happiness, freedom, and herself. It's her best friend and worst enemy. Her voice may be familiar as the “We Can Make More” tag at the end of all Rogers commercials, or from her voiceover and acting work. She has also co-written and featured on tracks for Ralph, Said The Whale, Sleepy Tom, Andrew Austin, Samahta and Karate Kactus in the last twelve months. On her Deadbeats EP, Willa confirms that the music she’s written over the last year glitters in a palette of new colours, a slight shift from her previous release, Criminals and Dreamers (2016), which accumulated close to 11 million streams. A singular talent, Willa is poised to shine vibrantly as she unveils her musical rainbow of deliberate pop gems.


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